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A stunning and moving portrait. Shot entirely in black and white it tell the story of Ian Curtis the lead singer with Manchester band Joy Division but its also much more than that it also tells of one mans journey into the heart of darkness Apocalypse Now is mentioned in the film a journey of fear, paranoia, illness and depression. Curtis has been played in films before but only as bit parts 24 hour party people etc here he is portrayed breathtakingly by Sam Riley who played Mark E Smith in 24 hour party people and when he first appears on the screen I have to admit I wasn’t convinced but as Ian the person grows so too does Riley into the role and at times he has him so down to a tee its hard to imagine its not the real Curtis up there. The rest of the band are pretty good as well but are only really second fiddle to Riley but you have to give them credit for learning all the songs and playing them live rather than mime. Samantha Morton is great as the put upon wife Deborah and Craig Parkinson is convincing enough as Tony Wilson but apart from Riley’s stand out performance its Toby Kebbell as manager Rob Gretton who has some of the best lines and has come so far since his role in ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’. The cinematography is a visual feast for the eyes, being shot in black and white adds to the mood and gives a haunting feel that echo’s the music and lyrics of the band, it also means and I guess its Corbijn’s photography background that so many of the shots in the movie could be still images they are framed so well. Although never really explained in terms of answers, Curtis’s illness from the seizures to the depression and the hopeless sense of falling apart reminded me of Catherine Deneuve in Polanski’s ‘Repulsion’ another black and white film that deals with madness. I guess that treating mental illnesses was still in its infancy in the seventies, yes we’d stopped electro-shocking people but medications were still being developed and trialled.

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The league and its Sydney advertising agency Hertz Walpole struck gold in forging a link between the game and the song, which would become the soundtrack to a marketing success story that skyrocketed right up to a point of self-implosion in the Super League war of The track, which had been previously released by Bonnie Tyler with modest results, would prove to be one of Turner’s most successful singles. Turner was brought to Australia amid much public interest for a massive film shoot where enough footage was secured for advertisements for both the and seasons.

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Excellent exercise, that allows youth to reflect on differences and similarities between Formal Education and Non-Formal Education. Aims of the tool – Stimulate active participation in debate and self-reflection; – Introduce NFE to the participants; – Clear differences between Formal Education and Non-Formal Education; – Find common points between Formal Education and Non-Formal Education; – Prepare participants for a deeper look and discussion on what NFE is; Description of the tool Invite three of the participants to sit on one side of a long table and on the opposite side of the table — the other three participants.

That way every participant will be facing another one and they are divided in couples check the picture at the attached file. Give each participant a sheet of paper and a pen and explain them the following: I will put one question in the middle of the table and you will have 30sec to read it and think about possible answer. After that the participants on the left side of the table will give their answers to their peer on the oposite side, who will write down the answer.

This step lasts 2min, including the time for taking notes. When the participants on left side of the table give their answer, allow 30seconds rest and than invite the right side of the table to give their answers to the left sided participants for another 2min. When the first question is finished and both sides of the table gave answers, all participant should move one chair left in a circle , so the participants change their pair.

Than, you can give another questions, respecting the above rules. It is reccomended that in every questions you ask the participants to discuss their answers and provoke debate, which will lead to clarification of what diferences and similarities are there between FE and NFE. You will find discussion and debate questions at the file below.

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Many dream of its joie de vivre shown by the countless restaurants, picturesque villages and world-famous gastronomy. Some come to follow the trail of France’s great philosophers, writers and artists, or to immerse in the beautiful language it gave the world. And others still are drawn to the country’s geographical diversity with its long coastlines, massive mountain ranges and breathtaking farmland vistas. Understand[ edit ] France has been the world’s most popular tourist destination for quite some time.

France is one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe, containing areas as different from each other as urban chic Paris, the sunny French Riviera, long Atlantic beaches, the winter sports resorts of the French Alps, the castles of the Loire Valley, rugged Celtic Brittany and the historian’s dream that is Normandy. France is a country of rich emotions and turbulent politics but also a place of rational thinking and Enlightenment treasures. Above all, it is renowned for its cuisine, culture and history.

Five oversea regions also form part of France: Numerous French oversea territories also exist around the Earth with varying status. Climate[ edit ] A lot of variety, but temperate winters and mild summers on most of the territory, and especially in Paris. Mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean and in the southwest the latter has lots of rain in winter. You may likely even see a few palm trees on the Mediterranean coast.

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Added by Acts68th Leg. Amended by Acts69th Leg. Fort Worth Dating E. Harker Heights Office W. San Antonio Office E. What is the texas Age of Consent in Texas? Age of Consent Outside Texas Not all and share the same age of consent.

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Different names entered into the ranking and some fell back. The subject standing out, however, was the economic crisis… The increasing power of women in the business world is felt more and more with every passing day. Various researches are being conducted in order to put this forward. Capital readers will remember this. In this special study which we conducted twice in the past, we are creating the ranking in accordance with the assessment of a group consisting of businessmen, managers, consultants and economists.

The research attracted great attention in and

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As a still photographer first-time director Anton Corbijn photographed Joy Division in black and white during their short existence. He knows how to get the remorselessly grim feel of the north of England in the late Seventies. The boys came from the outskirts of Manchester. Joy Division formed in This film there’s a documentary just coming out on the band too is loosely based on a memoir of her marriage by Deborah Curtis, lead singer Ian Curtis’ young wife, who had a baby girl by him and then tragically found him after he’d hanged himself in , two months short of his twenty-fourth birthday, just as the band was to tour America for the first time.

In the English style, it’s offhand and avoids huge dramatic crescendos. And besides the images and the restraint, the film is worth seeing for the concert sequences. The cast actually plays the Joy Division music live, and Sam Riley, who plays Ian Curtis, not only closely resembles him, but is a riveting and intense, almost at times scary, performer.

When he says the public doesn’t know how much of himself he puts into his performances, we know what he means. The film is excellent at showing Ian’s dilemmas. The band is a sudden success. He has an attack in their car as the band returns from a gig.