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Iphone to iphone free porn chat Dating vintage jbl d f speaker I believe the a specs evolved right along with the maybe with an implementation lag as JBL decided to make the a the home component version of its Pro Divisions’ The original A was introduced in at about the same time as the D and was called the D A. This designation remained until when it was change to simply A. The QC stamp on frame appears to be 1B1 with a faint 2 below it in the circle. I have found it quite good for vintage tube to 80’s transistor amps for hifi and think it would be fine for PA if not abused. I suspect certain buyers like Fender continued ordering the A while they could but I have no production dates to confirm. I will be getting photos soon if you would like to see. Some people hate the pointed screwy feet–but they are perfect for leveling one on a rock hearth and other on carpet. A longer throat depth and a coil with more turns of bigger wire x-sect and consequently tighter spacing is what I was picturing as of the last thread rev. It was apparently replaced a few years later by the D

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That amp worked pretty well with my Rick string. That amp turned out to be an early-production Pro-Amp. I started to investigate the world of pre-CBS Fender amplifiers. During that era Fender blackface amps, covered in black tolex with silver grilles, were everywhere.

A pair of vintage Fender JBL DF 12″ guitar speakers. Designed specifically for Fender amps by JBL, the DF is considered to be one of the best guitar speakers ever produced. One of the speakers (serial #) appears to be all original, with the original cone.

Custom-length speakers, built-to-spec from your exact measurements, delivering Paradigm high-performance sound, for the ultimate bespoke flat-panel TV installation—all Custom Crafted in Canada. Finally, you can experience the freedom of whole-home wireless audio streaming with bold, dynamic performance. Truly superior sound, easy installation, and a new bezel-free micro-perf grille with an incredibly discreet aesthetic.

Crafted in Canada, featuring X-PAL pure aluminum cone tweeters and new bezel-free micro-perf grilles. Premium Custom Install Speakers. Crafted in Canada, featuring X-PAL pure aluminum cone tweeters and woofers, high-power handling voicecoils, and new bezel-free micro-perf grilles. High Performance Audio – Crafted in Canada For over 30 years, Paradigm has set the standard for innovation and technology in loudspeaker manufacturing. The new Prestige Series builds on this history by combining new technologies with smart engineering, for astonishing performance at an incredible value.

And Prestige is designed and crafted right here in our Canadian facility.

Replacement speakers for 1973 Fender twin reverb-had 2 JBL d120f

History[ edit ] The Fender Twin has gone through a number of changes over the years, both cosmetically and electronically. October Twin-Amp, model 5E8. Dual rectifiers and 6L6 power tubes, twin 12″ speakers.

Jan 12,  · Replacement speakers for Fender twin reverb-had 2 JBL df Discussion in ‘Amps and Cabs’ started by ampman7, Jan 8, Jan 8, #1. ampman7 Member If you’re replacing jbl speakers and want something similar, there are plenty of options, but my vote would also be Jensen Neo s.

The explosive dynamics and ease with which the S38 reproduced the orchestra in full cry was much more reminiscent of the performance of many large floorstanding speakers I’ve heard—throughout this densely orchestrated work, it was very easy to follow each individual instrument on the S38s’ open and airy soundstage. But while the JBLs produced a very wide soundstage, with precise imaging and considerable depth in the center of the stage, the soundstage depth was rather constricted at the extreme right and left.

The soundstage was shaped like an inverted U, as opposed to the rectangular stages I’ve heard with other speakers in this price range. Finally, the violins sounded a bit steely and forward on this fairly bright recording. I paraded out my usual suspects for the budget-speaker lineup: All of the speakers shared the same natural, open, transparent reproduction of voice and piano when playing Janis Ian’s ballad “Some People’s Lives” from Breaking Silence , but began to differentiate themselves on more complex material.

It was also a shade more detailed and transparent than the JBL throughout the frequency spectrum, and its midbass reproduction sounded a bit more natural. The Paradigm also presented a tight, dynamic sonic picture with large-scale rock and orchestral recordings, but was no match for the JBL’s dynamics at high levels, particularly at high levels. The Mission I continued to impress me with its natural, detailed, and transparent midrange presentation, and although both frequency extremes were truncated compared with the JBL, its timbral personality was very balanced.

Bass was tuneful but effectively missing in action below 60Hz in my large listening room. Unlike the JBL, however, the Mission congested and lost definition on complex material at loud volumes.

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The source-date code on a pot is a 6 or 7 digit code impressed into the casing of the potentiometer. For speakers this code can be 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits long, and it’s ink-stamped or paint-stamped on the “bell housing” of the speaker. In either case, the code works the same. The first 3 digits on a pot, or the first 2, 3 or 4 digits on a speaker are the source or manufacturer code. The remaining 3 or 4 digits are the date code.

In 3 digit dates code, the 1st digit is the last digit of the year.

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After an OCD amount of research, I narrowed it down to two contenders. I will explain why in a bit, but first I have been missing out! It has breathed new life into old songs. Music never sounded better. Also, the stereo imaging on these are insane. Position them correctly and sit at the right spot, and it is like the speakers disappear. And the sound seems to be coming from somewhere right in front of your forehead. As for the bass, it is not bad. It is clean and tight.

It will not bring your house down, you will not feel it too much just some on your chest, your neighbor’s will not complain but it is still not too bad. For example, as I am writing this review I have music playing through these speakers and I can feel the vibrations on my desk. To my untrained ears, it is respectable.

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Home Finding your Tone Musicians are always looking for the right tone; many may spend a lifetime trying to find and perfect it. You can greatly improve or modify your tone simply by changing your speakers — and it’s easy! Check out our helpful wiring diagram information or recommended replacements for your amp You may find it so easy that you will even want to do it based on the type of music, gig, or venue you are playing. Speakers come in many varieties and with different characteristics – size, impedance, wattage, and magnet materials.

Deciding which speaker to use can be a daunting decision; we simplify the process for you by providing accurate, easy-to-find information with sound samples for your style of music.

For instance, way back in I sold some JBL speakers on Ebay for The winning bidder, not an acutal scammer but definitely and AHOLE, hemmed and hawed about paying me saying “he hoped I wasn’t going to rip him off”, even after I sent videos of the JBL’s working in my car”.

Mic has graciously granted permission to post the stuff on the JT30 page on the off chance that it might be useful in the context of Blues Harmonica. Mic is not responsible for the content, just the collection. Hi Tremolux, I like it more than the V As you mentioned, GT uses it, so you may be able to get a listen. Not sure if it’s really a keyboard speaker, as it’s got all the trademark Celestion bumps and rolloffs. That may have been started due to the ‘K’ terminology.

Celestion says it has ‘more bass’ than the V30, but I don’t take their literature very seriously. I’ve even called Celestion USA to try to find out about some of their speakers Anyway, my own opinion of the K is that it has less of the brash, forward midrange bump of the V This may make it seem as if it has more bass, but that’s not necessarily so. The most emphasized effect is the upward tilt at the top end. Imparts a very chimey character to the treble end.

Not overbearing unless your amp is overly bright to begin with. I’ve said this before:

Need help dating these Altec speakers . . .

If the wire needed for a new voice coil isn’t available, JBL develops it. If a tool or technology doesn’t exist, JBL invents it. This uncompromising commitment to the goal drives the development of every new product and technology that bears the JBL logo. Designing our products from the ground up enables our engineers to address current day audio problems though a year evolution of audio knowledge, innovative thinking and proprietary tools.

JBL LS60 Floor standing speakers LS series is quite expensive and consists of five models: three stereo pairs (LS40, LS60, LS80), subwoofer and speaker system of the central channel. All speaker systems (except subwoofer, of course) are equipped with similar HF-emitters and differ by the set of LF- and LF/MF-speakers.

Namely the need to have it serviced, buying gear you don’t know the history of, most typically there’s no warranty. Other risks are known issues with gear too like the famous glue that Sansui used that over time has been known to end up corroding the internals. I love vintage gear but the time came to give it up when too many things failed and or needed servicing.

I run a lot of vintage kit, some older than I am e. I had the professionally serviced Loricraft and it will certainly see me out – that thing is built like a farm tractor! I did the myself using a kit from Dada Electronics and it’s now almost certainly sounding better than new and it should last 20 years before needing more work. The 15″ Tannoys are untouched and sound great.

Sure, sometimes one has to faff about a bit, e. I’ve just spent a lot of time, effort and expense rebuilding a pair of JR mini-mnitors back to as close to as-new condition as I’m able, but it’s fun and rewarding to do and I’d put them up against anything of their size today and I’m sure they’d not disgrace themselves. The beauty of all this kit is you can service it, i.

Win It! A JBL Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone got an intuitive chart for Oxford speakers that went into fender cabs circa s. I have run into an anomaly, fender was screwy in the. I’ve got a Princeton, and it’s got a CTS speaker in it. Those numbers don’t look familiar but the frame looks like it’s a Utah or Oxford. I think many of us know about the jensen codes, but there is much less out there on the oxford codes. Its well-known that the code indicates.

Best Wireless Speakers Wireless speakers are one of the key devices for any entertainment lover these days, offering portable, space-saving sound with high quality and great looks to boot. will help you choose the best wireless speakers on the market, based on price, user reviews, star ratings, sound quality, and aesthetics like fun.

Per manufacturing regulations, the makers of electronics must include a minimum amount of production date information on their products. Depending on when the speakers were made this information may simply include a year and week or may be more specific, down to the day or hour. Disconnect the speakers from the power supply and connections before proceeding. If the speakers are in a vehicle, disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery before removing any speakers.

Carefully turn the speakers around so that the back of the speaker is facing you. Inspect the back of the speaker for a sticker that has digits or letters on it. If you do not see a sticker look for engraved numbers on the back surface of the speaker or turn the speaker over and inspect for numbers. Find the manufacturer date code. The first three digits indicate the maker of the speakers.

The number indicates Altec Lansing and represents Harman Kardon. Look at the remaining digits. The first two digits after the manufacturer three digit code indicate the year. Speakers made before the s only have one digit representing the year which is misleading. The remaining digits indicate the week of that year.

Fender Super Reverb

Waterproof speakers seemed like nothing more than a wet dream many years back. The technology, nor the engineering was available to create a wireless speaker system capable of surviving beer overflow, shower splashes or beachy environments. Most consumers have made the common mistake of placing waterproof and water-resistance speakers in the same audio bubble. Well, technically, both product types can withstand water spillage.

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Each type of wireless tech has its own unique pros and cons: Bluetooth — As the most popular choice on the market, most of us are familiar with Bluetooth. Bluetooth chips are integrated into almost every smartphone, tablet, and computer on the market, making it the easiest to connect to. No network is required, simply the wireless Bluetooth signal. Connection takes seconds to establish and is highly reliable.

The Bluetooth signal requires less energy to power, which is why most Bluetooth speakers have a decent to good battery life. Older Bluetooth devices had poor audio resolution, but newer Bluetooth devices have solved that problem—producing sound quality on par with CDs.

Dating vintage jbl d130f speaker

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We used these in Master Control and two production control rooms and when I heard them, it was love at first sight. The has been mostly superseded by newer models in recording studios, but is still used in broadcast facilities even after 30 years. I run a tube system with a full analog chain vinyl to tube preamp to tube amp so I selected the for its modest 45hz bass rolloff into hz.

I had tried a couple of different off the shelf Polk units in the 10 inch range but found them to be much to warbly down in the nether regions. But when i plugged these babies up, I realized that mama was home. The coil does become very active unless the enclosure is properly isolated, so be careful going above 5 watts with your contour control activated. The midrange is driven with a 5 inch, 1. Personally the mid is a bit dull between and hz, but that is where the EQ circuit comes in, which is described below.

The high end driver is simply amazing. The voice coil is. The really cool thing about this speaker is the integrated control of the crossover frequencies between mid and high.

JBL Flip 4 REVIEW! Best Bluetooth Speaker 2018?